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Assa Abloy


Intelligent Security Solutions

The First Invisible Lock – Essence by VingCard revolutionizes the electronic lock industry by

housing all lock components, including the reader, inside the door and therefore, reaching the

maximum minimalistic expression, the true Essence of an electronic lock. Essence by VingCard

takes the definitive step in minimal hardware on the door and truly blends with any design

requirements, enhancing the style of your hotel and taking the user-interface experience to a new level. You cannot see it, but you will experience the true essence of a secure and reliable electronic lock. Energy Management – Orion by VingCard Elsafe is an intelligent and innovative energy management solution that allows operations to manage guestroom temperatures remotely from a single, central location, and to automatically control temperature settings as guests travel in and out of guestrooms. ASSA ABLOY is the largest global supplier of intelligent locks and security solutions. Its products account for more than one in ten of all lock and security installations worldwide. Since its formation in 1994, ASSA ABLOY has grown from a regional company into an international group owning operations in over 70 countries.

The Group’s strength is the variety of traditional and new products that can be combined to create a large number of different door environments. ASSA ABLOY has products for different climates, different types of buildings and differing security and safety requirements. By combining hundreds of thousands of components to meet the needs of consumers, architects and installers, the Group creates products with the right quality, design and price, which are ideal for both new buildings are renovations.


PT Batraco Raya Sejahera – Bali


Beyond The Needs Of Today’s Professionals

Ask any Balinese hospitality or culinary professional of a reputable and reliable vendor

and the company that comes to mind is PT Batraco Raya Sejahtera, better known as

Batraco. Established over 40 years ago in a small and humble shop in Denpasar Market,

Batraco now offers more than 30,000 products including room amenities, housekeeping

equipment, kitchenware, tableware and foodservice products. The company operates from an office with a 5,000 square feet showroom in the heart of Kuta, and has warehouses spanning over 30,000 square feet in Bali, distributing over 30 renowned brands throughout Indonesia.

Tourists and locals, restaurateurs and hoteliers, and street vendors and professionals can be found shopping at Batraco daily. To reach out to the rest of Indonesia, the company collaborates with distributors in Jakarta and other major cities. Representing worldwide brands such as De Buyer, Legle, Arcoroc, Moderne, Modular, Tonney, Tonon, Martellato, Arcos, Ritzplas, Spulboy, Alto-Shaam, Robot Coupe, Roller Grill, Virtuose, Cooper-Atkins and Hatco, Batraco offers innovative and quality products at excellent value to discerning hospitality and

food & beverage professionals today.




Simplistic Elegence For Every Use

Established in 1981, MODERNE is a world-leading manufacturer and supplier of award-winning,

inspirational table top ranges for the local and international hospitality industry. The company’s core chinaware products are manufactured at its factory in Chaozhou, China. The company also has operations in Singapore and Hong Kong, as well as 4 branch offices and companies located strategically in Asia Pacific. Xiahe Porcelain’s yearly production capacity is in excess of 50 million pieces of tableware. They are now the 3rd largest supplier to the European Markets, exporting 120 containers of chinaware per month. MODERNE has been producing many prestigious brand names of tableware in the world, such as Ritzenhoff & Breker (Germany), ARC International (France), Maxwell & Williams (Australia) and LENOX (USA) to name a few. The brand name, MODERNE has been recognized as the most popular chinaware among homes, hotels and restaurants internationally. Xiahe Porcelain produces “Strengthened Bone China” which is well-known for its quality and modern designs that have gained worldwide recognition.

Constantly on the lookout for new ideas to expand the collection, their designers set out every day in pursuit of inspiration, seeking to generate revolutionary designs oozing with simplistic elegance that is a hallmark of the brand. In 2005 MODERNE decided to set up a regional HQ in Singapore, and began to introduce more products to satisfy the growing needs of our local F&B industry. With that in mind, they began to widen their product range. As of now, apart from chinaware, MODERNE also carries products such as glassware, cutlery, kitchen utensils, buffet wares and Chefs uniforms. MODERNE have in total a storage space of over 36,000 sqft. With such an inventory, they are able to work closely with regional partners in Indonesia, Australia, India and the Philippines to create an effective distribution network. For more information, visit




Presenting Passion with Style

Culinary art has been one of the most prominent parts throughout the history of hospitality industry all over the world. It is highly important for professional chefs as culinary artists, to be equipped with artisan quality cookware to complement their passion in presenting the best on each plate. The establishment of Virtuose begins with a team of highly innovative and creative maestros, who are passionate for crafting the ultimate cookware dedicated to all professional chefs, aspiring cooks, and gastronomy enthusiasts, seeking for the artistry of excellent craftsmanship, quality, durability, ergonomic design, comfort, and precision. Every development stage from material selection, forming, to finishing is processed precisely with sophisticated engineering and decades of experience that ensure our exquisite artisan quality.

With the finest material selection, uncompromised durability, safety and ergonomic design, impeccable multiply base, excellent drip-free rims line, and the signature professional non-stick cookware line, Virtuose is truly an ultimate complement to culinary talent, skill, and artistry. Each of the Virtuose series is beautifully designed with individual technology and innovation.

Supreme Chefs, the premium series from Virtuose has an extensive range of professional cookware that uses brazing technology to produce an impeccable 3-Ply base. The Supreme Chefs Luxor series brings our Supreme Chefs series to the next level of gastronomy sophistication. The addition of Impact Bonding Technology is applied on each base of the cookware for more refined culinary experience. With our selected 3-Ply premium stainless steel clad material, the series surely illuminates its luxurious sophistication aura to the fascinating world of gastronomy. Virtuose is distributed by PT. Batraco Raya Sejahtera in Bali and PT. Indonesia Horea Sejahtera in Jakarta.




Distinctive Taste, Distinctive History

Kilkenny, the Red Beer of Ireland, has a history that is as distinctive as its taste. Originating from Kilkenny in Ireland, the city has a long, illustrious tradition of brewing great beer. Kilkenny is also brewed in the oldest operating brewery in Ireland, the St. Francis Abbey which started brewing almost 300 years ago. Known for its distinctive features and strong Irish quality credentials, Kilkenny is coloured a unique ruby red colour and features a clean, smooth, and full-flavoured taste. It is this unique, satisfying taste has earned it five gold medals in the famous Monde Selection beer tasting competition. Almost 300 years later, Kilkenny has become one of Ireland’s most internationally successful beers. Both the raw ingredients and final brew are meticulously examined, ensuring quality that is second to none. Kilkenny is now available across the world in more than 30 countries, with Indonesia becoming one of the most recent additions. Kilkenny arrived in Indonesia in 2011 directly from its Irish homeland and gives consumers a new distinct offering for those who want a new unique drinking experience. Kilkenny sets itself apart from other beers by having a velvety smooth head and a rich ruby red colour and is currently the only such beer in the Indonesian market. The brand has continued to grow in popularity since its arrival to Indonesia and is now available in bars, restaurants and hotels across the four cities of Jakarta, Bandung, Surabaya and Bali.




Pioneers Of Wine Culture

PT Dimatique International is a part of the PT Dima Group that focuses most of its business on the marketing and sales of wines with the highest quality of services. PT Dima Group itself has been importing and licensing quality products such as Guinness, Kilkenny, Smirnoff Ice, Gilbeys, and Pokka since 1953. Dimatique was established in 2010 as a licensed distributor of imported wines in Indonesia and they now serve a wide range of hotels, restaurants, fine dining establishments and clubs. Dimatique is spread across Indonesia’s most vibrant key cities such as Jakarta, Bandung, Surabaya & Bali. They provide the advantage in services with their excellent supply chain management (through temperature controlled condition), competitive pricing, and their commitment to having 100% compliance to regulations and law. To further add to their portfolio, Dimatique has been working with fi ne wines and well-established wine producers from all over the world and currently manage a total of 62 brands with 396 SKU from 12 countries. They believe that with the right information and training, Indonesia could emerge as a country with a promising wine-market growth and they promote this objective through on ground activities such as wine classes, wine training, wine tasting and hosting wine dinners. Dimatique aims to be the pioneers in creating a wine culture in Indonesia.