Hocatsu (M) Sdn Bhd
Microplanet – Revolutionary Kitchen Products
Microplane®, is the premier brand worldwide for exceptionally sharp culinary tools that have revolutionized the way chefs and home cooks grate and zest a wide range of ingredients for flavourful, gourmet style cooking and baking. The family-owned and managed company designs and crafts 40+ Microplane® kitchen tools, applying the most advanced technology and state-of-the-art engineering to maintain its “cutting edge” market leadership, and stellar reputation for excellence among top restaurant chefs, professional bakers, cookbook authors and other culinary experts.
The Professional Series features Microplane®’s signature and patented razor like edges that precisely cut through foods without tearing or shredding. Each grater in this series is crafted with an ergonomic handle that fits comfortably and securely in the hand. These sturdy and exceptionally strong graters and shavers offer a laser-welded frame construction that securely fastens the frame to the blade. Providing excellent leverage and control when grating foods at an angle on countertops, cutting boards, bowls and plates, the Professional Series graters also feature a rubber, nonslip footing at their base.
In the same vein, the Artisan Series from Microplane® is a contemporary addition to the collection of paddle-shaped graters. The series features 4 of Microplane®’s most popular blade styles-Fine, Ribbon, Coarse and Extra Coarse- All of which are available in a variety of hues. The Expansive surface area offers ample space to make fast working out of zesting citrus, grating potatoes, carrots, onions, cheese, coconut, chocolate and other foods. The Artisan Series also have ergonomic handles, rubber feet for added stability and reusable cover.


Hospitality Resources Sdn Bhd
It’s all about the Hospitality
Local market leader, Hospitality Resources has established its position in the industry by constantly staying ahead of the pack. Hospitality Resources is a total supply company for hospitality products and equipments for all food and beverage service industry – hotels, resorts, restaurants, catering industry and entertainment outlets. They are one of the few companies in the industry offering a complete range of products for the front of house F&B solutions fulfilling the needs of the 4-star city hotels to 5-star resorts and 6-star boutique hotels.
The team at Hospitality Resources works very hard to ensure that every brand in their portfolio meets the markets expectation with regards to innovation and value. They are on a constant pursuit of the stylish, qualitative and modern products and travel around the globe and visit the most prestigious of fairs to understand and discover new trends and concepts.
The hospitality business with regards to F&B ware is an industry all of its own. Here durability and practicality are key to withstand the heavy usage these establishments face daily. Trends suggest that today a much more modern spin is required for today’s ever changing environment. Shape and colour are being increasingly utilized in a creative way with the added consideration to durability and longevity that is a prerequisite for the hospitality sector.
Hospitality Resources have naturally built their business to cater to the constantly changing styles and tastes of the industry and have invested considerable time and effort into understanding the market’s requirements. The company firmly believes that good tableware is as important to the dining experience as the venue and menu. Relegating tableware to an afterthought is a bad mistake. Research proves that operators need to consider the presentation of their dishes as part of their overall design and ongoing menu development which are key drivers to repeat business.
Representing some of the top name brands, Hospitality Resources is able to meet any demand from the classic white dinner plates to place mats that merge material and process. Each brand is backed up by many years of experience in design capabilities, market knowledge and production efficiency. This is turn gives the operators the assurance that the products that they have selected is specifically designed to take the strain of hotel and restaurant wear and tear without compromising on style and elegance.


The Pinnacle of Originality
Kian provides a full suite of services to their clients which begins with skillfully
Kian provides a full suite of services of their clients which begins with skillfully interpreting clients’ needs to original designs and proceeds to sourcing, manufacturing, quality testing, packing, delivery to anywhere with installations.
It is the KIAN objective to provide intelligent solutions to all areas within a hotel.
From the reception lounge to outdoor areas to the rooms, KIAN has excellent intelligent solutions for everything a hotel would need. For example, KIAN provide solutions to outdoor furnishings that may prove challenging due to tropical weather.
There is a large range of furniture that has been tried and tested and KIAN partners with internationally renowned brands such as Nardi, Sevelit & Flat to provide intelligent solutions to suit their clients’ needs. Nardi carries a wide range of outdoor furniture that can complement the design/theme of hotels all around the world while Flat offers an intelligent solution to wobbly tables, and have devised a self-levelling table to solve the plague of wobbly or uneven tables for the hospitality industry.
KIAN’s range of original designs include the Louvre Chair which is a great fit for the hospitality industry. Inspired by the American Mid-West Shaker look, the Louvre Chair evokes a certain sense of nostalgia with a modern twist. Made with the latest plastic injection technology, it is lightweight, durable, stackable, recyclable, easy maintenance & versatile. Not only that, the Louvre Chair, designed by Danny Fang, recently clinched the Design For Asia Award 2013 as a statement to its great design along with its functionality.
KIAN also closely collaborates with several regionally and internationally recognised award-winning designers who challenge conventional notions of furniture design. Their talent, together with KIAN’s manufacturing expertise, has put KIAN at the forefront of the furniture industry both in Malaysia and beyond. KIAN will be at Food and Hotel Asia 2013 in Singapore and involve all to stop by and check out their new products.


King Koil
Sleep Solutions for Healthier Hotel Performance
Would you purchase a used mattress? The universal answer to this question is NO. Every night a guest sleeps on an unprotected mattress, he or she is sleeping on a mattress used by thousands of people over time. Within two weeks, independent labs can detect fungus, mold and bacteria growing inside a new, unprotected mattress, exposing the hotelier’s investment to a premature breakdown of mattress fibres and exposing the guest to breathing in these allergens and human contaminants. Protect-A-Bed encasements provide a barrier that is waterproof, air-vapor porous and hygienic. They present a new, clean mattress to every guest, every night.
Encasements are six-sided, zippered, protective coverings that fit like a second skin, encapsulating the mattress on all six sides.
This feature is critical for efficacy when protecting the mattress against bed bugs, dust mites and allergens. Encasements also are the most effective protection from human contamination. This is far better than mattress pads that are usually heavy and difficult to launder, consuming time, labor, water and chemical resources to maintain hygiene from guest to guest.
Protect-A-Bed products are manufactured with quality-control standards implemented at the plant level, assuring production quality consistency.
The seams are one of the most vulnerable areas of an encasement. Yet side seams are needed to support moisture containment and absorption on the top surface. Double stitched or ‘French seams” are critical to assure strength, durability and moisture proofing at this vulnerable area. Try pulling apart the seam of an encasement. Double-stitch seams with close, small stitch counts will not separate or show needle holes in the product. Needle holes compromise the products overall capabilities. Protect-A-Bed products feature the Miracle membrane, a polyurethane-laminated layer that creates an air-vapor-porous, waterproof layer that sleeps cool and comfortable.
Added to this and other features is the Bug Lock and Secure Seal, Protect-A-bed’s patented features on its encasements. These features secure the zipper at the end point with a safety trench and zip-tie lock, assuring the product to be bed bug entry-exit and bite-proof. Protect-A-Bed products are also pesticide free.
As for the ROI of these encasements, hoteliers’ feedback has stated that the Protect-A-Bed encasements have positively contributed to the profitability of the hotel by minimizing the need for replacement-bedding products, as well as reducing housekeeping, utility, water, chemical and labor cost, and decreasing lost room revenue due to room-recovery downtime.


VingCard Elsafe / Security Marketing Sdn Bhd
Security Solutions to Fit Every Need
VingCard Elsafe, the world’s leader in security solutions for hotels has their products installed in more than 42,000 properties worldwide and securing some 7 million hotel rooms. VingCard Elsafe is part of the ASSA ABLOY Group, a publicly listed company and leader in security and hospitality systems. VingCard has been providing numerous electronic locking system solutions since 1979, including the traditional magnetic-strip, smartcard systems, RFID electronic locks that are compatible with main ISO standards: ISO 14.443A (MIFARE), ISO 4.443B, ISO15.693 and NFC-compatible (Near Field Communication), fully integrated PMS interface software solutions, a full range of E-cylinders, as well as minimalistic wall-mounted solutions removing all hardware from the door. VingCard is also one of the top in the industry in providing wireless online locking solutions for hotels and is based on the ZigBee secured open platform, VISIONLINE by VingCard. Elsafe, is the hotel safe range and VingCard Elsafe provides the fi rst UL-listed (1037) hotel safe series on the market today in keypad and card-based models. Elsafe safes include a UL-listed internal power outlet to support recharging of laptops and camcorders, full wireless online capabilities and RFID versions that are compatible with the VingCard system.
In addition, VingCard Elsafe offers a complete new range of Energy Management Solutions, Orion which dramatically helps hoteliers save energy while ensuring guest comfort and promotes green initiatives. Orion by VingCard Elsafe can also be integrated into the same wireless VISIONLINE platform. VingCard Elsafe offers worldwide service and support in more than 166 countries, including Malaysia. In Malaysia, VingCard Elsafe is supported by Security Marketing Sdn Bhd who are the pioneers in supplying VingCard to the Malaysian market since 1988. They also provide after sales services like service contracts and customer support to all VingCard customers. Security Marketing Sdn Bhd has more than thirty years of business experience in providing the highest quality and most innovative security solutions to the Malaysian market. Their philosophy is simple: to provide customers with the most appropriate and cost-effective security products and solutions to fi t their needs, backed-up with prompt service and after-sales support.


Aeroshield Sdn Bhd / Callebaut
The Specialists of Specialty
AEROSHIELD – Established in 1994, Aeroshield Sdn Bhd is a leading specialty food importer and distributor which sources its products from all over the world and is based in Kuala Lumpur servicing Peninsular and East Malaysia with a network of distributors. Aeroshield’s range of clients includes hotels, restaurants, cafes, juice bars, gelato operators, airlines and theme parks. The company has a mission to continuously source for new products of highest quality with competitive prices and to contribute to the growth of the food service industry. It also promises that they will strive to improve their services and maintain the quality of the products from the country of origin right into your kitchen.
As Aeroshield are speciality food importers and distributors, their products range from chocolate and pastry ingredients to frozen fruits and purees. They also have baking moulds and equipment brands as well as gelato making ingredients under their list of products. Some of the brands under the Aeroshield flag are; Callebaut, Sicao, Chocolate Master, Dirafrost, Komplet, RaviFruit, Caullet and Deco Relief. Callebaut® – For more than 100 years, Callebaut® has been making chocolate in the heart of Belgium and is still one of the rare chocolate makers to select, roast and grind cacao beans into its own secret and exclusive cocoa mass – the most important ingredient for chocolate couvertures. Callebaut® was established in 1850 in Belgium as a malt brewery and dairy company. It produced its first chocolate bars in 1911 and began production of chocolate couverture for Belgian chocolatiers soon after. Callebaut® began exporting its products in 1950 to craftsmen all over the world and is part of Barry Callebaut, the world’s leading manufacturer of high-quality cocoa and chocolate.


Chua Song Seng
Giffard – World Renowned Liquers
The world renowned liqueurs and sirops producer, Giffard was founded by Emile Giffard who started as a dispensing pharmacist in the Loire Valley. Emile Giffard was at that time a dispensing pharmacist in Angers (Val de Loire). Inventive, curious and gourmet, he undertook research on the digestive and refreshing properties of mint in 1885. As a result, Giffard invented a pure, clear and refined white mint liqueur which he tested with the Grand Hotel’s customers, in order to relieve them from heat. Success came at once. Emile changed his pharmacy into a distillery and called his liqueur MENTHE PASTILLE, referring to the mint sweets that were very popular at that time. Four generations later GIFFARD is still in the hands of the same family and keeps quality as a motto from the origin. Today, Giffard offers more than 120 years of know-how in producing high quality liqueurs and syrups. The production process mixes traditional methods (slow fruit and plant maceration) with the latest techniques, in order to enhance the true taste of fruit. The quality of these products is ensured by a family management system which spans over four generations. Giffard is one of the rare producers that offers a high quality level in both syrup and liqueur ranges dedicated to the bar industry. To fi nd out more about Giffard liqueurs, please visit or www.


Eu Yan Sang
The Tradition Of Health
Eu Yan Sang is a leading healthcare company with a focus on Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and has earned an unrivalled reputation as a household brand in Asia.
They combine years of TCM wisdom and knowledge with modern science to validate and maintain the consistent quality and efficacy of their products and services. Today, their offerings extend beyond retail stores, TCM clinics and concept lifestyle stores with the aim of keeping TCM relevant as a part of mainstream healthcare and the modern lifestyle.
Eu Yan Sang is a progressive consumer healthcare brand built around a commitment to product excellence and innovation in TCM. Starting out in 1879 with the intention of benefi ting mankind through the provision of the finest natural products, this is altruistic philosophy remains the company’s core principle today.
They are guided by their vision to be the leading and most trusted integrative healthcare and wellness company with a unique heritage in TCM. Their mission is to continue on giving care to mankind by helping their customers realize the benefits of lifelong health. It is this mission that makes Eu Yan Sang ensure that all their products at all stages - from the harvesting to the manufacturing process – emphasize on quality to guarantee efficacy and more importantly, safety. The Eu Yan Sang corporate vision and mission are pillared by five key core values which are: Caring, Quality, Responsibility, Progressiveness and Leadership. Since their early beginnings, Eu Yan Sang has focused on providing Chinese medicine and herbs of the fi nest quality to customers. With over 1,000 different types of Chinese herbs in store, they are probably the best-stocked TCM retailer in the region. With their ever-growing product range, they currently market over 280 proprietary products under the Eu Yan Sang brand, including flagship products such as Bak Foong Pills and Bo Ying Compound. Eu Yan Sang believes that traditional wisdom, modern science and technology can work together to create new and more effective Chinese Proprietary Medicine. That is why they are constantly innovating and setting new benchmarks for the industry. An example of how Eu Yan Sang makes use of technology to validate the efficacy of TCM is through Herb Fingerprinting. In this process, advanced facilities analyse and identify herbs by their unique compositions, allowing better control and consistency of herb sourcing and grading, as well as production processes.
Eu Yan Sang has an extensive distribution network comprising 300 retail outlets in China, Hong Kong, Macau, Malaysia, Singapore and Australia. Its products are available in drugstores, pharmacies, medical halls, supermarkets, convenience stores, hospitals, health clubs and spas worldwide. Eu Yan Sang also operates a chain of 29 TCM Clinics in Singapore and Malaysia, and 2 Integrative Medical Centres in Hong Kong.


Guinness Anchor Berhad
GAB: An Iconic Portfolio with Lasting Appeal
Each of the brands within Guinness Anchor Berhad’s (GAB) award-winning portfolio is a distinctive entity itself, owning a voice and personality that distances it from others within its category. From the ferocious energy of Tiger, the unmistakable refinement of
Guinness and the progressive cutting-edge vibe of Heineken, to the category-shaping tastes of Paulaner, Strongbow and Kilkenny, as well as the sheer comfortable familiarity of Anglia, Anchor and Malta, our brands continue to grow in popularity and prestige.
With a portfolio of iconic brands, GAB ensures the quality of their brands is delivered to the end consumer. GAB launched GAB Professional Solutions (GABPS), the quality and innovation vehicle to equip trade partners with intensive quality training and innovative methods of delivering the perfect customer experience via GABPS Academy and GABPS Consultancy.
Guinness Anchor Berhad:
GAB Professional Solutions:


Global Pacific Solutions
Renowned Importers and Contributors of Fine Food
Global Pacific Victory or better known as GPV are one of the most prestigious and renowned fine food importers and distributors in the world. The company has been present in Malaysia for almost 15 years, starting their business here in 1999. GPV has always been a point of reference for imported fine foods and a professional company for the supply of its products to consumers. GPV distribute their products to a range of hotels, catering companies and hypermarkets in Malaysia. As an ever expanding company they have launched some new brands such as Jindi dairy, Elegre antipasto and Augustus beef to their portfolio that holds some of the most well-known brands in fi ne foods, including Granoro Pasta, Olitalia, Beaufor, Galbani and Happy Cow cheese. Granoro Pasta Pasta of unmatched quality has a steady cooking; it is firm and compact even a few hours after straining. A long cooking time is not a synonymous of quality: it depends on the thickness of the pasta sheet, well done outside and underdone inside, i.e. “aldente”. Granoro Pasta has a fair thickness that is gauged in order to get an even cooking. Moreover, it is elastic and firm; in other words, it is “al dente”. Pasta is a food easy to digest, eaten alone or accompanied with a sauce. All nutritional properties are maintained as long as they are not released in water during the cooking. A long cooking time is the result of an inexact thickness, which causes the release of starch in the water (making pasta “furred”). As a result, the Granoro Pasta undergoes a checking process, as to reach the optimum ratio between thickness and cooking time. As the modern nutritional science suggests us, 65% of calories should come from carbohydrates. Selected durum wheat semolina is rich in gluten: one portion (50 g.) of cooked pasta produces about 200 kcal (818 kj). The Granoro Pasta keeps its nutritional properties because it is made of selected durum wheat semolina and the entire manufacturing process is submitted to severe and regular checks.


HSH Frozen Food Sdn Bhd (KANIKA)
Our Ocean Catch At Its Frozen Best
HSH Frozen Foods Sdn Bhd has been established for over 40 years and are the premium specialists in supplying wide ranges of products such as seafood products such as air fl own fresh salmon from Norway, assorted air fl own fish from Japan (Hamachi, Hirame, Kanpachi & Madai), cod fish and blue mackerel, surimi-based products, value-added seafood products, Japanese items (frozen & dried), western products and meat.
HSH Frozen Foods’ core business is on seafood and for the last 4 decades they have expanded their business and are active in wholesale, Horeca, Japanese restaurants, hotels as well as supermarkets. Their distribution network coverage includes Peninsular Malaysia as well as East Malaysia.
Besides remaining active in the wholesale market, they have diversified to other market segments such as retail chained stores, restaurants, hotels, bakeries and many more. Their biggest business partners include GCH Retail (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd, Sushi King Sdn Bhd, Sakae Sushi, Aeon Topvalu Malaysia Sdn Bhd, Jaya Grocer, Village Grocer, Hero Market, Parkroyal Hotel, KL Hilton Hotel and One World hotel.


Vintec  - Wine Preservation Technology
Borderless Black Glass Design
Vintec, the leading specialist in climate- -controlled wine cabinets, is unveiling a total of 12 new models as part of 2 new ranges, which is available in Asia since 2013. The two new ranges have been designed in association with architects and interior designers to achieve a new purity of the design – with no visible handles and new minimalistic glass door designs:
“Noir” series – featuring a sophisticated Borderless Black Glass door and Crystal White LED lighting (code name BK)
“Seamless Stainless Steel” series – featuring a new sleek and seamless door trim and the signature Vintec Blue LED lighting (code name S3)
The Noir “Bk” Series In A Modern Home
As wine cabinets are fast becoming a standard appliance in high--end kitchens, wine lovers now have a wider scope of sleek designs to integrate them in the kitchen layout, by enhancing the purity of the wine cabinet designs. Vintec believes in the importance of listening to professional recommendations from wine makers and Sommeliers when it comes to the design, conceptualization and manufacture of wine cabinets.
For the hospitality industry, in collaboration with the various sommelier associations in the regions Vintec has developed the now famous V1902e: a large wine cabinet that combines storage and service capabilities, thanks to the inventive single and multi-temperature settings. The smart shelving system displays of all kind of bottles shape, whether laying the bottles fl at or straight up for immediate access and recollection of the wine. This new V190BK has now a very smart light feature: the Assistive light that gently lights up the whole surrounding of the seamless black door to enhance the visibility of the labels.
The new lines will complement the existing Danish-- designed Allure series, and will all function with R600a cooling gas, which is more energy--effi cient than the current R134a, with zero ozone depleting properties.
The releases of the new ranges follows a series of initiatives by Vintec to provide enhance service, expertise and added-value to its customers. VINTEC wine cabinets are brought to you exclusively by Kitch (M) Sdn Bhd. For more information, please visit


Smart Registration System Sdn Bhd
Smart Registration System Services and Solutions
“Do it right the first time. Customer satisfaction is our ultimate goal,” is the mantra of Melvin Shu, Project Director of Smart Reg System Sdn Bhd (SRS). Obviously the company has been doing it right because there are many satisfied customers. If not, how else does one account for the meteoric rise of SRS from its humble beginnings in 2005 to become one of the most respected and sought after company in database management service and solutions. A quick glance at SRS’s client listing will show that SRS has vast experience and expertise managing various registration services amongst the most prestigious and biggest trade fairs, consumer events and conferences in the country.
Over the years SRS reputation has grown in the Industry and has continuously remain true to the core values of the company. SRS has stayed focused, providing specifically to data solutions needed by the industry, namely for registration services and solutions.
Engaging SRS services allows any Event Organizers to alleviate tedious registration process and in result provides them ease and peace of mind. Our technically proficient staffs are trained to support your needs with a wide variety of services such as; fully integrated and customized show registration services and solutions i.e.: Online Pre-Registration, Online and Onsite Registration, Touch Screen Kiosk Registration, Tracking System, Badge Printing, Lead Retrieval Management, Data Analysis, Special Customization for Surveys and Reports as well as event materials supplies.
With SRS as your Registration Solutions Partner, Event Organizers will be assured that our professional staff will see to it that everything runs smoothly to achieve customer satisfaction.