Recognising the individuals and talent behind each any every establishment has always been the focus of the HAPA Awards.

Our Entrepreneur Series looks at the narrative behind each nominated individual. Through an in-depth story-telling style interview each nominee is given the chance to relate their own personal and business journey to a panel of seasoned entrepreneurs.

We believe that true recognition must go beyond the industry for the public to understand and be inspired by.

To showcase the winners the interviews are filmed for release after results have been announced at the respective Gala Dinner.



Prime Category

HAPA Entrepreneur of the Year

The HAPA Entrepreneur of the Year Award is awarded to an entrepreneur who has passion, perseverance, vision, leadership skills and commitment in all his undertakings. An entrepreneur is all about innovation, transition and much, much more than just business. This award will be judged on how the entrepreneur has made an impact in Malaysia’s economy, by sustenance and strengthening growth in both local and international markets. The HAPA Committee is looking for the “Crème de la Crème” from the pool of entrepreneurs in Malaysia and one who leads the way in business.

HAPA Young Entrepreneur of the Year

The HAPA Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award is awarded to a young and dynamic entrepreneur, below the age of 40, who has embraced challenges innovatively, resulting in a company that has continuous potential growth and sustenance. This entrepreneur doesn’t just, “walk the talk”, but takes action for productive results, acting as a source of inspiration to entrepreneurs across all ages and industries.

Business Excellence Category

HAPA Visionary Entrepreneur

The HAPA Visionary Entrepreneur Award is awarded to the entrepreneur with a mission to rejuvenate the industry for the better. This entrepreneur is constantly looking to the future to see the bigger picture. They devise new cutting-edge methods, produce innovative products and generate fresh ideas that push boundaries. They are highly detailed individuals who are extremely perceptive to the wider demographic and are relentless in pursuing their goals. The visionary is unafraid of change and has the natural ability to inspire others towards a common goal.

HAPA Leadership Entrepreneur

The HAPA Leadership Entrepreneur Award is awarded to the entrepreneur who knows who they are and what they wants to achieve. They are willing to take strategic risks and welcomes innovation; listening attentively to their own intuition and a variety of sources through experience, active communication and curiosity. They take necessary steps to help all aspects of the business grow, including employee welfare and developing them into leaders as well. This is an entrepreneur the industry can look up to for confidence and guidance in their business and personal lives.

HAPA Brand Recognition Entrepreneur

The HAPA Brand Recognition Entrepreneur Award is awarded to an entrepreneur who has successfully created a brand that is seen as the company’s most valuable asset as it represents the face of the company. The HAPA Committee is looking for an entrepreneur who has successfully developed and marketed a brand from ground zero, literally from “zero-to-hero”. This entrepreneur has positioned the brand with a recognisable logo, slogan, or mark that the public associates instantaneously with the company.

HAPA Potential Entrepreneur (for International Expansion)

The HAPA Most Potential Entrepreneur Award is awarded to the entrepreneur who shows great promise in expanding his business beyond the Malaysian market. They have learned to adapt, develop a backbone and the stamina to get through business hurdles and are relentless in pursuing success. Their businesses are considered high growth and easily recognisable for their capacity to grow even further. This entrepreneur has an unrivaled understanding of the international market and has molded his business strategy for international expansion.

HAPA Homegrown Entrepreneur

The HAPA Homegrown Entrepreneur Award is awarded to the entrepreneur who has their heart set in what Malaysia has to offer the industry. Their product or service should be an original idea, produced in Malaysia or by Malaysians. This self-made entrepreneur is a true Malaysian – they understand the local market, whole-heartedly believe in what Malaysia has to offer and strives to have it locally and globally recognised. They are proud to market Malaysia!

HAPA Transformative Entrepreneur

The HAPA Transformative Entrepreneur Award is awarded to an entrepreneur who has embraced innovation and pioneered the implementation of new and effective methodology into their business model. They see the need to adapt with the continually shifting tide and understand that the best way to evolve their business is to keep an open mind. Reinventing their business to suit demand and industry trends is a risk they are willing to take. This entrepreneur courageously adopts unconventional ideas and successfully crosses the boundaries of traditional business style and operations.

HAPA Innovative Entrepreneur

The HAPA Innovative Entrepreneur Award is awarded to a purpose-driven entrepreneur who thinks “out-of-the-box”. Innovative entrepreneurs act and think differently and they strive to always make a difference. They question, observe, collaborate and experiment day-in and day-out to generate new ideas. By doing so, they provide added value to the economy, as they uncover new solutions to every problem. This entrepreneur would be the trendsetter in their industry.

HAPA Inspiring Entrepreneur

The HAPA Most Inspiring Entrepreneur Award is awarded to a fearless entrepreneur whose confident and innate capacity for story telling inspires those around them. This true and selfless leader has the ability to change the world. They are ordinary people who have done extraordinary things, despite nearly impossible odds and tremendous opposition. Though they never know whom they are going to influence and impact, this entrepreneur has the charisma to lead others and propel fellow and potential entrepreneurs to achieve greater heights and bigger dreams.

HAPA Driven Entrepreneur

The HAPA Most Driven Entrepreneur Award is awarded to the entrepreneur who has turned their passion and goals into reality. This entrepreneur is undeniably invested in their business, the industry and their overall mission. They have pursued their passion by giving it substance and a life of its own. Having overcome naysayers and obstacles in their path, this entrepreneur is motivated, tireless, courageous and will not take no for an answer. To them, there is always a solution to every stumbling block.

HAPA Start-Up Entrepreneur

The HAPA Start-Up Entrepreneur Award is awarded to a new entrepreneur who has challenged the market with a new venture and ideology. This entrepreneur is not duplicating well-known formulas for success; they are transitional and innovating the industry with original ideas from a fresh perspective and outlook. This is the entrepreneur’s initial venture into the market and has been in business for a maximum of 2 to 3 years.

HAPA Social Entrepreneur

The HAPA Social Entrepreneur Award is awarded to an entrepreneur who drives social innovation and transformation in various sectors of the community including education, health, environment and enterprise development. These unique, not-for-profit endeavors originate from a place of pure goodwill and planning that can sustain social change. They pursue poverty alleviation goals with entrepreneurial zest and courage to innovate and overcome traditional practices. In addition to this, the entrepreneur is an active participant in the Going Green movement - implementing the use of recyclable materials and incorporating eco-friendly elements into their business and day-to- day tasks. Their mindset, passion and zeal always has the betterment of the community at heart.

HAPA Ambassador of Eco-Hospitality Entrepreneur

The HAPA Ambassador of Eco-Hospitality Entrepreneur Award is awarded to an entrepreneur who places sustainable green living above all. The entrepreneur recognises and prioritises contributing back to directly influence the environment surrounding their establishment. The HAPA Committee is looking for an entrepreneur who is knowledgeable and experienced in discerning the underlining aspects of the hospitality industry. They may provide innovative ways to incorporate eco-hospitality into their business that allows it to be perceived as one of their major trademarks. “By the people, for the Earth” - hospitality is also about the people and this entrepreneur invests in staff welfare and training programmes to develop and hone their productivity to respect the Earth and all that it provides.



HAPA Entrepreneur Awards Series 2019 - 2020