The Oscars of Hospitality

 Hospitality has always been a game of effort and creativity. Every day is a challenge of attention to detail and patience; and the people who work on the floor and at the back of the house are most often standing on their feet for hours on end. This soon became the impetus for the HAPA Awards to be created, in order to recognise the passion that is put into hospitality and the excellence that is achieved. The HAPA Awards has always remained true to supporting back-of-the-house staff and has been the first hospitality awards to do so. Our hospitality personalities also give life to an organisation, and we are here to recognise that. 

Passion, Excellence and Recognition are our core values and that has never changed from 2002 until now. It is our promise to the industry that the HAPA Awards will be there as an award to support and push the industry forward.



The HAPA Regional Awards Series spread across Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam and the Philippines. Each series pushes the establishments of every country to the fullest!



Right back to our home Malaysia, the HAPA Malaysia Awards Series sees the best in Malaysian hospitality. Pushing our industry forward is what we strive towards.



Recognising every hospitality entrepreneur for the blood, sweat and tears they put in every day to keep a smile on every customer’s face, the HAPA Entrepreneur Awards put them on the stage with their best spoon forward!