HAPA Awards

The HAPA Awards was created in 2002 with the main motivation of recognising and rewarding outstanding establishments and individuals who have shown dedication, drive and passion for excellence in hospitality.

Known as the “Oscars of Hospitality”, the HAPA Awards programme is designed to set the benchmark par excellence, bringing the overall quality and service standards of Asian hospitality to greater heights.

The HAPA Awards is “one-of-a-kind” as it provides its nominees with comprehensive report cards concluded from mystery auditing assessments across all sectors of the hospitality industry. The HAPA Awards is one for the true unsung heroes of the hospitality industry.

HAPA Reader

Hospitality Asia is a trade, F&B and travel magazine that provides coverage on the hospitality, F&B, travel and entertainment industry. Established in 1994, the magazine is distributed primarily in Malaysia and Singapore, as well as other countries within South East Asia through our online version.

Hospitality Asia is regarded as the preferred magazine for the hospitality and F&B industry. Our audiences refer to Hospitality Asia’s recommendations for outstanding travel and dining experiences, new innovation and services related to the hospitality industry. With our increased profile, Hospitality Asia now covers a wide readership ranging from business corporates to leisure and travel segments of the market.

HAPA Academy

The main purpose of this division is the cultivation of a ‘commitment to excellence’ mindset and help recognise the opportunity to make a positive impact in customer service. We believe that a shift in mindset opens staff to being proactive and dedicated to the brand they symbolise.

Attitude . Restructure . Transform (HAPA A.R.T Training) embodies how our courses work as we shift the mindsets of all those who attend our courses.

We provide various course levels for private clients, and also offer public workshops for individuals to enrol themselves in.


No Address Society

No Address Society is an exclusive dining club for business networking amongst founders, entrepreneurs, C-Level corporate individuals, investors and business owners. Networking is an integral part of business as it opens doors to highly influential people. Our main objective is to build a strong and powerful network, for bonded industry leaders to encourage opportunities through the most common aspect that unites us – the dining experience. Not just any dining experience – one that provokes, challenges and exhilarates.

A network of such inspiring and entrepreneurial individuals is sure to reach above and beyond business partnerships and we hope to use these a platform in our expansion to evolve the industry and bring global communities together.

HAPA Events

HAPA Events is dedicated to creating Inspired Experiences.

Through our vast network with the F&B, hospitality and entertainment industry, we are able to go beyond the norm in designing and creating unique events for our clients. It’s not just about planning and organising an event, it’s about delivering an extraordinary experience at a whole new level with meticulous execution to the satisfaction of our clients. We have the talent, the expertise and we always want to try something new!